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The Year Is Roughly: 1880


President: Rutherford B. Hayes
  • Hayes, despite hailing from the South, never agreed with the extreme views of the Confederacy and still won his election. He is, however, not a soldier. Rutherford B. Hayes will not be leading the charge to retake the South anytime soon. There are those who will though…

Developed the Psychic Headquarters to combat the South’s magic abilities. This is located in Vermont, deep within the Union to avoid capture or destruction.

Order of the Golden Sun: Psionic users and regular men and women who work toward Northern dominance.

Psionics Population:
75% Male, 25% Female
15% Black


President: Jefferson Davis
  • Jefferson Davis, having lead the charge to develop magic in his desperation to please his crumbling Confederacy, has yet to have been challenged for his presidency. His views on slavery and generally fair attitude toward the Union never had a chance to surface since the war “ended” in a stalemate.

Stole the secrets of magic from the Native Americans and twisted them into offensive spells. Institute of Magic is located in Dallas Texas. Inner Circle: Leaders of the Institute of Magic who act toward Southern dominance.

Institute of Magic Population:
50% Male, 50% Female
25% Indian

Mage Sashes
3rd Fire Brigade – “Force and enforcement.”
103rd Ground Troops – “Sustain, grow, ensnare.”
105th Tinker Division – “Attack the problem from every angle. Even the seemingly impossible ones.”
109th Telegraph – “There and back again.”

The Civil War

Ended in a stalemate. Much of the land of the border states and the unclaimed territories are up for grabs. Secret organizations on each side are pushing third parties into taking land in the name of either the North or South.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated during the war, which lasted longer in this world. While staying at a hotel John Wilks Booth convinced a mage to get him past the security and stabbed Lincoln in his sleep. Then everyone within a block from the hotel heard, as if projected from a modern speaker the size of a minivan, Booth’s latin phrase he shouted on stage in our world. Booth was hailed as a hero to the Confederacy. During another assassination attempt, this time against a high ranking member of the Psionics, he was caught and killed. The mage has not been seen since Lincoln’s assassination.

The World

Minorities are treated much as they were in the real time period.

A true “free” black was uncommon, they were looked down upon in the North, and not thought of as humans, let alone citizens, in the South.

Indians kept to themselves or simply repelled invaders. The Indians in the “Indian Territory” were enslaved by the South for their mystical knowledge. Their connection to nature allowed them to draw upon the elemental powers. The Confederacy used it for war.

Women are more accepted and valued in the Institute of Magic and Psionics HQ than any other facet of society. Partly this is due to having to not be picky when finding those who had aptitude in the mystical realm. But in the South there were just as many women as men that wanted to see the Union crushed with their new power.

Russian Involvement

Alexander II worked with the Union to unearth psitanium. The Special Corps of Gendarmes worked in conjunction with the Psionics HQ. With the assassination of Alexander II many Psionic Gendarmes were displaced, some wanted to return to the motherland while others stayed and became free agents.

Among the most valued of the Psionic Gendarmes were the Psi-Blockers. All were psionic agents, but they specialized in Anti-Psi abilities and the physical blocking of telepathic powers with the use of Purified Cobalt (Psitanium) helmets and armor.

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