Dr. Leonard Prave

Work In Progress Bastard


Core stats

ST: 13 Fatigue: 13
DX: 10
IQ: 13
HT: 10

Speed: 5

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Greed
  • Lecherousness
  • Bloodlust
  • Voice
  • Attractive Appearence


  • Lavish Spending

Skills & Spells

  • Steal Health Lvl 13
  • Soul Jar Lvl 13
  • Animation Lvl 16
  • Summon Spirit Lvl 13
  • Death Vision Lvl 13
  • Possession Lvl 10
  • Permanent Possession Lvl 10
  • Exchange Bodies Lvl 13
  • Beast Possession Lvl 13
  • Sense Spirit Lvl 13
  • Skull Spirit Lvl 13
  • Steal Strength Lvl 10
  • Lend Strength Lvl 10
  • Lend Health Lvl 13
  • Minor Healing Lvl 13
  • Zombie Lvl 13
  • Pistols Lvl 12
  • Physician Lvl 16
  • Surgeon Lvl 14


  • Cavalry Saber
  • x2 Pretty Derringer .44
  • Custom Remington
A look into the mind of Dr. Leonard Prave:

Leonard zipped up his pants and snugly fastened his two pronged belt. His legs were slightly sore but he still found a way to gracefully glide over to the women sitting on the side of the bed. She was probably in her mid twenties with curly dirty blonde hair and large breasts and long legs. The kind of legs that could wrap all the way around a man, and the kind of breasts that were big enough to handle but not too overwhelming. Just the way he liked them. The woman wasn’t sullen, but she did have a distracted look on her face.

“What’s wrong my dear?” he took her chin in his hand and gently lifted her head to meet her eyes.

“I was so enthralled by you last night, and I want to run away with you and leave this forgotten back woods town. Yet something in my heart feels that I am wrong for loving you so. Guilt perhaps.”

Leonard put his hand on the back of her head and put one knee on the bed, “My love, I have given you something that your husband neglects to provide for you. You want me because I made a deep and boundless connection with you last night. You are a good woman with a good husband, you just needed a kick in the right direction. Wake up and know that the events in this dream were the workings of your inner spirit. Love your husband and listen to your conscious. Now that I have given you a new fire in your heart, kindle it and show your husband the err of his ways. Use this vision to share the same connection you have shared with me.”

He put his other leg up on the bed so that he was straddling her luscious thighs, “After all, am I really a mysterious stranger, or am I the perceived version that you wish your husband to be.” He kissed her passionately, and at the same time, put his free hand on the top of her head. He summoned a haze from his hands that seeped into her mind. She slowly fell back into the bed. Their lips parted and she lay in a deep and revitalizing sleep. When she would wake, her affair with Leonard would seem only a dream, and his advice would most likely prompt her to grow closer to her husband and make him see the prize he could no longer afford to neglect.

“I am good,” he thought, “doing good deeds and living a life of royalty at the same time.”

After tucking her into bed proper, he looked around the room and snagged a few valuables and some extra cash, for services rendered, and started out the door. As he was leaving he caught a glimpse of something in the window sill. It was a small white stone, flat and circular and smooth, in the center of the stone was a symbol that looked like a very angular lower case b.

“Such a magical item, in such an isolated town.” Oh Mayor Rutherford of Camden, Arkansas, you truly don’t know of the treasures you possess. He looked back at Miss Belle, just as beautiful asleep as she is awake, “Unfortunately, I feel obligated to at least take one of your treasures.”

He left the town hall, and headed north, out of Arkansas and out of the Confederacy.

Dr. Leonard Prave

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