GURPS Magic In The West

The Beginning

Field Notes

The subjects met for the first time, were introduced to their guide, an Indian Woman named Burning Sky, and set off. They traveled for a time before noticing they were being followed. Much to the surprise of their pursuers, they set up an ambush in the form of a false camp. They fought in the night.

The German, Axel Esslinger, showed his skill with a pistol, Burning Sky revealed herself as a fire mage, Richard Mathews shot a bandit and killed him in one shot using his rifle, Silus engaged a bandit in close quarters combat (subject has yet to take up interest in any firearms as was expected), the New England student named Smith Lee Ellington rose into the air and propelled himself into a bandit. His psionic abilities are unexpected, we must reconsider his position on the watchlist, he will prove to be unpredictable.

They have arrived in the Appalachians and taken shelter amongst the bivouac there. Richard seems to have taken an interest in the patches. No further progress.

With regards,
Agent Vickers



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