GURPS Magic In The West

Siege Of Dallas

Field Notes

During the battle our agents found their stagecoach, no case was found, only trace amounts of cobalt. We can only assume the Confederacy, namely the mages, have their hands on the shipment. There will be more on that in my next message.

One agent witnessed the group slay your experiment. Twice. Then he narrowly avoided Axel Esslinger, who made for the craftsmen quarter to aid the mages. They took back that section of the city in mere minutes. Thankfully the concentration of combat in front of the Institute of Magic went largely in our favor. There were heavy losses on both sides before we determined the shipment was not in the building. Magic is as frighteningly powerful as ever.

Last I heard they were in a meeting with one of the earth mages. Any other information is beyond our ability to track while they are in Dallas. As a side note, Wilkes has made it very clear the army may not be completely dedicated to the war, I leave that to you. Nothing more to report.

With regards,
Agent Vickers



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