GURPS Magic In The West


Progress Update

Personal Log of Sgt Kegan Dibley, 3rd Fire Brigade

It feels like it has been months since we were in Texas, but it has barely been a full week. Prave returned with Samuel Running-Wolf and the animated corpse of a Union soldier. Viv explained to me how they left the basement safehouse from the sewers and that Dodge left for Canada. I can’t imagine Dodge would turn against us, but McKinley brought up that our position, and that basement, have been compromised. At best Durango could be captured and interrogated.

Now we’re left in a delicate position. Our best hope with so many wounded and fatigued, not to mention the state that Richard Mathews is in, seems to be out in the woods. Viv and McKinley, Velot and Alice, set out to find food and possibly shelter. This may be our only hope.

For now we can eat the dear that Viv just shot and wait to see if Velot or Alice found somewhere isolated enough to be used.



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