GURPS Magic In The West

Group Therapy

Progress Update

Personal Log of Sgt Kegan Dibley, 3rd Fire Brigade

With hope, these notes will survive long enough to reach the South.

Dr Prave and the short, though fearsome, Viv found us while we were resting. Events spiraled completely out of control over the next twelve hours. Through a series of bird calls Prave convinced Dodge Durango that he was outside. This was not communicated well to Fire Specialist McKinley, who lobbed a fireball directly at Prave’s chest, incapacitating him. Tempers were high after that. Specialists Alice and James used a combination of magic and first aid to stabilize Prave.

For a moment I though Dodge was going to shoot McKinley, and I was worried McKinley would set fire to the house if he was provoked. In the short time I’ve worked with him he has proven himself to be effective, albeit unstable. The same could be said about Prave, Dodge, our new compatriot Velot, and to my surprise, the seemingly level headed Richard Mathews.

The true misfortune struck when Dodge left to find a hospital, he promised to scout it out and return with supplies if possible. Viv took this time to share a bit about how she skewered and choked a man so that Prave could possess him and lead them away. I find myself respecting the two of them, their ingenuity. I also see that Viv is capable of regret and guilt over the death she is capable of causing, something I am not sure I have the capacity for any longer.

Dodge returned with a nurse, suddenly we became kidnappers. Velot hoisted the nurse into the air with his mind to restrain her. Our position was now compromised and Dodge was getting an earful from everyone, myself included, about how irresponsible his actions were. Dodge’s rash decision is overshadowed by Richard Mathews teleporting into the poor girl and causing the space she occupied to burst, as Volot explained to me in excruciating detail later. Blood went everywhere. I can’t even recall what happened next. Volot removed Dodge’s rifle, I took custody of it, and things were heated.

When the dust settled we started to devise a plan. I guess it took that shocking event to calm us. At the moment we are awaiting the response to a teleported note back to the Institute. This log will be updated whenever possible.



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