GURPS Magic In The West

Ghastly Implications

Progress Report

To: Col. Avery Tate
From: Lt. Holly Ferric

So far the activities of the Virginia Team in Dallas have been included in the reports concerning the siege. After our latest meeting there were some noteworthy developments though.

Axel Esslinger expressed interest in Sgt. Hargrove’s gun contraption and proposed several ideas. Hargrove is even allowing Axel to test out the cherry bombs. I thought of asking him if that was wise but I held my tongue. Axel may prove very useful to Capt. Amy, Hargrove, and their band of Tinkerers.

Then there was the evening Dr Prave and Dodge Durango had. Dodge entered a brothel, not an unusual sight, though Prave remained outside. The peculiarity of the situation increased when a nearby mage reported a ritual took place after Prave used a grapple hook to shamble in a second story window. Shortly after Prave exited the same way with one of the whores, who seemed overly familiar with him. For the rest of the evening the two, accompanied by Elden Inglebard, bought the woman clothes and purchased a fancy meal.

I have no idea what this implies, but it doesn’t appear to be a threat to us.



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