GURPS Magic In The West

Gaining Focus

Field Notes

During the night a significant number of the group left, leaving only Axel and Smith behind. The Indian woman, Burning Sky, stole Smith’s looted shotgun.

In an odd turn of events Dr Prave found his way to the Appalachian shanty town at that moment. Smith somehow convinced him to team up and they gathered food and supplies before leaving. They traveled peacefully, crossed a river by utilizing Smith’s ability to levitate, and reached the Confederate Earth Earth Mage outpost. It is currently unknown what that particular outpost is stationed there for or what missions they are giving out. Regardless, Smith, Axel, and Dr Prave left with unknown items and headed toward Louisville.

Along the road there was ruckus brewing between a man and a small group of highwaymen, the man was shot off his horse. Axel killed two of the robbers with his pistol, Smith proved skillful once again with his psychic tackling, and Dr Prave, unsurprisingly, shot a fleeing man that Axel had let go.

After that observation was made difficult. It is believed that dark magic was performed. No further progress.

With regards,
Agent Vickers



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