GURPS Magic In The West

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Field Notes

Something that did concern me about the raid upon the Confederate safe house was that many reported bullets passing through a man that was made of fire, he only grinned and laughed at them. Being a psionic and fighting mages has caused me to take heed of such rumors. I propose that HQ develop countermeasures against such a foe, what those would be I cannot begin to say.

After speaking with more members of the raid it also seems that we wounded several of the Confederate survivors, as well as the man we believe to be a disguised Richard Mathews. They are weak, this is when we are the strongest.

Just don’t forget that Velot was sighted in New York within the last month and Dr Prave is still unaccounted for. I suggest we assign the team that is handling the Mindflare to keep tabs on Velot. As for Prave, he’ll surface soon enough. Nothing more to report.

With regards,
Agent Vickers



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