GURPS Magic In The West

Divine Assassination

Progress Update

To: Lt Holly Ferric
From: Sgt Kegan Dibley

After the transformation of our faces, and in Smith’s case his body, we arrived as planned New York. The house that was chosen is very nice, though I suppose that is not relevant to the mission. We met with Sister Bunny, an odd character to be sure. Though she proved very useful in the few days she was with us. Axel is perhaps made even more odd with an American accent. But he is very polite in the household and we have taken turns making embarrassingly inedible breakfast each morning.

We attended Brian Loumin’s party, a nice affair in which Smith, under the guise of Doug Frederickson read a poem to the whole party. It was unsettling well written, especially considering I know his true identity. I believe at least one audience member cried. Sister Bunny orchestrated a meeting with Mr Loumin so we planned and waited.

From what I understand of the events Bunny was invited into the apartment of Brian Loumin, lodged a knife into his head and Smith lowered his body to the ground. A fight erupted with the guards and all were taken out shortly. Bunny vanished after that. What a thing for a nun to do, it is not my place to judge though. The first target was taken out and that is all I have to report.



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