GURPS Magic In The West


Field Notes

It seems as though my arrival in New York could not have come at a better time. Seeing Smith Lee Ellington give up his compatriots was a thing of beauty, even if we can’t take full credit for it. Bea Ann Donna’s chance meeting with Dr Prave was the nail on the coffin for them, unfortunately not actually for Prave. Though it will delight me to no end if I get to kill him myself. His new friend from the South, the small woman, should not be underestimated, much like Prave himself.

Despite heavy losses among the raid on their safe house and Bea’s apartment I am calling last night a successful operation against Confederate presence in the North. I mistook Smith for a prissy fool, but it seems we were all proven wrong when he dropped that grenade on Axel Esslinger. Smith will prove to be a valuable ally to the North, and more importantly to the Psionics. Every day I am thankful for what you have allowed me to do, sir. My sister will be avenged. Nothing More to report.

With regards,
Agent Vickers



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