GURPS Magic In The West

Apple & Oranges

Progress Update

Personal Log of Sgt Kegan Dibley, 3rd Fire Brigade

McKinley, Alice, James, and Velot just returned from scouting the prospective safehouse. Apparently it did not go well. They also brought the comatose form of Richard Mathews, hairless, covered in old burn scars, and reverted back to his true face. McKinley and the others were hesitant when I asked them how they saved his life from, in Alice’s words, “a chest full of lead”. They probably thought I would scold them for using what has to be untested magic. I will of course, but they can tell me all about it once everyone is rested.

Dodge, Prave, and Viv still haven’t returned from looking for the Communications Mage. Hopefully the rampant burning of what should have been our new safehouse will provide a decent distraction. Then after that I hope they find the mage and bring him here alive. Aside from that all we have are the ritual supplies Alice grabbed. I suppose we should be thankful we’re still alive, all things considered. I never even said goodbye to Axel. He was a fellow fighter and his death just reaffirms that I am fighting for the right side.



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